Sunday, October 7, 2007

my first post

hello all, I guess that this first post should prob be a bit about me. I am a young professional male living in new england. I am fairly new to the gay scene here in new england, as I am a recently out male, and when I say recent, as in the last 10years. Compared to most of my gay friends, they have all been out since an early age. I don't apologize for coming out late in life, in fact, I am sure that many more people have similar stories, they just do not blog about it.

Anywho, getting back to me... I work in metropolitan area hospital as a Risk Manager, what is that you ask? Basically, my office is the place go when they say "oops" in the OR or when they are seeing a patient, or when someone falls, and trips in our corridors. The fact of the matter is, I love it when people come to us with problems like that, because I look at them, and say, "what are you fucking kidding?" Its the best job..

I am in the middle of laundry, and cleaning, so, I will get back to this soon...tty all later.